June 2019

In June 2019 Gangteng Rinpoche visited the land for the first time, blessed it, and bestowed the Kurukulle initiation to over 100 people. Rinpoche was very pleased with the qualities of the land and its suitable conditions for Dzogchen practices.

The event took place during the Bardo teaching in nearby Zieleniec. This marked the successful conclusion of the complete transmission of the entire Dzogchen cycle – Kunzang Gongdu – begun years earlier, and some new friends also had the opportunity to receive initiation, enabling them to enter this path.

We were waiting for Rinpoche’s reaction regarding the land in Jarków. He was very glad that he could finally see the place for the center that we had talked about for so long. He stressed its good qualities and talked about the future of the center where people who want to practice Dharma will find peace and favourable conditions.

And so, on June 29, 2019, in the morning, Rinpoche celebrated the ritual of taking over the land for the center along with honouring local deities, mainly nagas. He was accompanied by his Khenpo, monks, nuns and several people from Polish Sangha.

We started a sacrificial fire and recited “Riwo Sangchö” while a large image of the Queen of Nagas was placed on the earth; she was also addressed as the ” the goddess of this land.”

At 12.00 noon, Rinpoche drove a pickaxe into the ground and dug out two handfuls of soil, which he instructed us to keep as ” the soil of siddhis.”

In the afternoon a large group of people joined us – brought by bus from Zieleniec. In the makeshift gompa Rinpoche gave the initiation of Kurukulle in which practitioners from South America, USA, Bhutan, China, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia and the Czech Republic participated.

It is worth mentioning that initiation was also taken by Mr Henryk – the man who had sold us the land. He passed away some time after this event, and Polish Sangha prayed for him.  His life became meaningful through his service to Dharma.

18 April 2018

H.H. Sungtrul Rinpoche visited the land together with a few Sangha people and blessed it.

The first “king of Dharma” to symbolically take possession of the land for the future center was Sungtrul Rinpoche, who at the request of Gangteng Rinpoche blessed the the land.

Sungtrul Rinpoche visited the land during his stay in Darnków for a drubcho organised by Yeshe Khorlo. On that occasion Rinpoche directed our attention to some auspicious circumstances.

It was a beautiful spring day with a clear blue sky. Driving an off-road vehicle up the hill, on the road we encountered a beaming 90-year-old Mr. Henryk: an elderly gentleman who had sold us this land for Dharma practice. His tractor and trailer got in our way and we had to squeeze our vehicles past somehow. Rinpoche noticed that the trailer blocking our entry was full (not empty) – a very good sign for our undertaking.

The shape of the land seemed promising too: the trees, and all the greenery encircling them, are like hands in the gesture of giving us the place. When we were walking through the area, Rinpoche pointed to another auspicious sign: a group of deer had stopped to observe us with their tails up.

Then he performed the ritual of blessing the land, using a historic phurba belonging to Pema Lingpa. While we were sitting near Rinpoche and reciting prayers, a beautiful, big eagle – like bird appeared in the sky and circled around our heads.

The moment was unique and powerful – we realised that we had been blessed not only by Rinpoche, but also by nature itself – giving us welcoming signs for the future.

Purchase of the land for the center

In 2008, at the conclusion of the nine-day transmission of Kunzang Gongdu, Gangteng Rinpoche discussed with us the construction of a dharma center in Poland. At that time, two people enthusiastically offered to donate their land for the construction of the center, however, visits to those properties showed that the plots did not meet the requirements of the center.

In later years, Rinpoche mentioned this project several times, but it wasn’t until 2017, on a farewell evening with Rinpoche in Prague, that we received a clear “green light” for buying such land.

The inspection of several plots of land was not very fruitful. But soon after, we received a hint from friends about a nearby fallow land. After seeing it we realised it was what we wanted. We had no doubt that was the place we had long been looking for.

At the request of Khenpo Karma Wangyel, one of the monastery astrologers in Bhutan performed a divination and informed us that it was indeed a good site for the center.

At that point, the entire land of 22 ha was divided into three adjacent parts, each belonging to different owners. The plots were not for sale.


After six months of ongoing talks with Mr. Henryk Strama – the owner of one of the plots (7.76 ha), he agreed to sell it (below: a photo of Mr. Henryk). We were very glad and immediately began fundraising within the Yeshe Khorlo Sangha.

Thanks to collected donations (more than half the amount we needed) as well as loans granted by friends from the Sangha, on May 24, 2018, plot No. 3 was notarially purchased.

We were able to return the loans thanks to donations from Gangteng Rinpoche and from Yeshe Khorlo Taiwan.

The owner of the second plot of 5.87 ha was the Local Council. The Council approved our request for sale.

The plot was purchased and financed by one of the members of the Polish Sangha of Yeshe Khorlo on October 17, 2018

The third plot with an area 8 ha is still not in our possession.