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The „Yeshe Khorlo” Buddhist Union in the Republic of Poland was founded on the initiative of HH Ganteng Tulku Rinpoche and was registered in 2014 under number 180 in the Department of Churches and Other Religious Associations. The union has identification number Regon: 147490131.

We are part of the international sangha called Yeshe Khorlo which belongs to the Ningma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism under the auspices of HH Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche. Our teacher is an outstanding master not only from Nyingma, but also of many transmissions from Kagyu and Sakya. Rinpoche has under the care many very important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. In addition to the full Dzogchen transmission called „Dzogchen – The Totality of Samantabhadra’s Intentions” (Wylie: rdzogs chen kun bzang dgongs ’dus) HH teaches Dzogchen also from Longchen Nyinghtik (Wylie: klong chen snying thig). Our master first visited our country in June 2007. In 2010, he initiated a four-step cycle of Dzogchen teachings in Poland „Dzogchen – The Totality of Samantabhadra’s Intentions”. The project is unique in the West where a traditional Dzogchen transmission is rare. Gangteng Tulku represents bhutanese lineage started by a 16th century yogi Pema Lingpa – one among the 5 most important Tertons in Tibetan Buddhism. Hence the name – Peling Lineage. We feel part of this spiritual tradition and are interested in sustaining and fluorishing it.

Dzogchen (Wylie: rdzogs chen) is the complex system of teachings and practices for the primordial state, called Rigpa (Wylie: rig pa) in Tibetan. It is considered by Nyingma tradition to be “the highest peak” (Wylie: a ti) to “The Perfect Enlightenment”. In other traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, such as Kagyu, Sakya, Gelug, access to the nature of the mind is possible only after successful practice of the Completion Phase (Wylie: rdzogs rim) in dissolving all the subtle winds (Wylie: rlung) in the channels (Wylie: rtsa) of one’s own body. In Dzogchen, however, access to the nature of the mind is possible from the beginning of one’s practice through the Introduction to Rigpa. Therefore, Dzogchen is unique and the most compatible to the modern times, people and the Western World.

Bhutan, where monasteries and universities are under the care of Rinpoche, is the last independent country of original Tibetan Buddhism of three “Vehicles”: Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana. Therefore, we have access to many teachers and sources of these untouched, living and sacred sites of indigenous Buddhism, the realized masters who carefully nourish traditional Vajrayana legacy, including Dzogchen.

Our goal

The main goal of the Association is to practice the teachings of Pema Lingpa together, to support Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche’s activities by organising teachings, courses and retreats, and to invite other teachers from Peling Lineage to Poland, including HH Sungtrul Rinpocze, Khenpo Karma Wangyal, lama Chimi Kinley, master Lopön Drukdra, Lopön Kinley Wangmo and other Dzogchen nuns from Peling.

So far, we have organized buddhist meditation courses and retreats of Mahayana and Vajrayana, the full cycle of Dzogchen with trainings Trekchö and Tögal, tantric practices like Tsalung (Wylie: rtsa rlung) and Tummo (Wylie: gtum mo),  Chöd trainings (Wylie: gcod) for Dzogchen, cycles of initiations for Vajarayana and Dzogchen, and buddhist teachings, like Madhyamaka and Ngondro (Wylie: sngon ‘gro) of Peling which accords with Dzogchen.  In addition, we have translated and make available to interested parties Polish texts of practices and prayers.

To the fullest extent of our capabilities, we support all projects related to the Peling Lineage, but above all, we want to help those interested in Yeshe Khorlo – in Poland.

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The construction of a Dzogchen Teachings and Retreat Center is an initiative of „Yeshe Khorlo” Buddhist Union in Poland.

HH Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche gave us in Poland the full cycle of Dzogchen teachings and practices, lasting over a decade, including the entire scope what traditionally is offered to practitioners in Bhutan only after many years of theirs preparations. During this cycle, Rinpoche gave us many Introductions to Rigpa, the nature of mind.

Our intention is the continuation and flourishing of this complete transmission, the tradition which is unique rarity in the West. Building the Centre for this living legacy, and for people practicing this tradition in seclusion, located in the mountains with panoramic view for the practice, meeting the criteria for Trekchö and Tögal practices, would be the culmination of the intentions of the Lineage of Dzogchen masters, which living personification is our special Rinpoche.

Location of the place for Yeshe Khorlo Center.

How to get there: 


50.398, 16.258


This center is created only thanks to the charity and donations of private individuals.
We realize that this is a serious effort for all of us and requires great generosity from the donors. 

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